What is coaching?

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Coaching for executives is now a business strategy that has opened the way among organisations as a highly efficient tool capable of tapping into hidden and little used talents so they may shine.

The investigators Steinbrenner and Scholosser consider that the actors in the coaching process (the coach, the director and the person receiving the training) add positive value.

Coaching was initially used to re-launch the careers of executives who had lost their bearings. Nowadays, this type of approach is not so much used, given that coaching is used proactively to develop the potential of employees.

At Coaching Plan, we offer team workshops where we work on the principal competences that a team needs to put into practice to ensure high performance:

  • Efficient Communication.
  • Teamwork.
  • Leadership Development.
  • Motivation and commitment.
  • Managing disputes.

A business environment cannot change without the evolution of its management personnel, this is where coaching emerges as a paradigm to facilitate personal change.

At Coaching Plan, you also have the opportunity to train in the principal skills as a coach..

Quite often, when we have to manage people, we lack the necessary tools and skills to make the team grow, to generate a good atmosphere, to resolve disputes, to enable the team members to gradually work in a more autonomous manner.

It is also possible that we need to improve our skills to influence, revalue ourselves, and make ourselves heard by everyone else.

Our training goes beyond the classroom, using methodologies that ensure the transfer of knowledge to the job position by carrying out training that is:

  • Pragmatic and applicable.. he delivery of models, templates and tools that allow the knowledge and skills to be put into practice.
  • Original and different.. Not only focusing on theoretical concepts but consisting of an experience based approach where the attendees will generate a live experience as a means to learning.
  • Dynamic and participatory.. A participatory format, replete with case studies, exercises and dynamics that encourage participation by providing the attendees with an active role in their own learning.

Our courses and conferences provide active access to coaching models that provide both the skills required to reach their objectives, as well as the skills required to help others reach them.

What is coaching and what it for?

Coaching is a highly effective professional and personal development tool that provides improvements and may produce a profound transformation in the receiving individual.

It enables people to reach their targets: "Coaching places behaviours, attitudes and solutions within the reach of those that receive it who would never have imagined having such, and enables them to achieve their objectives and achieves extraordinary results".

The coachees (customers) may experience a greater sense of self-confidence, job satisfaction and wellbeing, not to mention being better equipped to face the stresses of work (Baumeister, Gailliot, DeWall & Oaten, 2006).

Studies within different organisations have indicated that the behaviour of professionals can be modified through Coaching processes by providing new reference frameworks and corrective feedback. It can also increase self-perceived efficacy and effectiveness in meetings (Perkins, 2009).

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