What is coaching?

Executive Coaching

Lead your career. Set goals and reach all your expectations.


Aimed at Executives/Directors, Businessmen, Self-employed professionals, Work teams

According to a study by Manchester Inc., companies that provide external Coaching to their directors get a return on their investment in improvements in terms of performance and quality amounting to six times the cost of the Coachingn.

Executive Coaching is aimed at those professionals who have to face new challenges everyday, who need to manage their stress levels, who manage teams or who want to reach new professional targets.

Develop thinking, the capacity for analysis, change attitudes and aptitudes, improve skills and competencies as well as maximise talent

According to an empirical study by Kombarakaran, Yan, Baker & Fernández (2008:78), it was determined that the change in the behaviour of the executive occurs in five areas


  • Regarding their ability to manage effective employees.
  • The improvement in relationships with managers.
  • The ability to improve in setting goals and prioritisation.
  • An increase in commitment and productivity.
  • Better communicative effectiveness.

The recommendations of this study provide us with some positive results for the individual and for the organisation, corroborating the experience of those that put coaching into practice that it really works.

The objective of any company or any businessman is growth and to increase their capital. Through Executive Coaching, we work directly with the skills necessary to achieve that objective.

What is coaching and what it for?

Coaching is a highly effective professional and personal development tool that provides improvements and may produce a profound transformation in the receiving individual.

It enables people to reach their targets: "Coaching places behaviours, attitudes and solutions within the reach of those that receive it who would never have imagined having such, and enables them to achieve their objectives and achieves extraordinary results".

The coachees (customers) may experience a greater sense of self-confidence, job satisfaction and wellbeing, not to mention being better equipped to face the stresses of work (Baumeister, Gailliot, DeWall & Oaten, 2006).

Studies within different organisations have indicated that the behaviour of professionals can be modified through Coaching processes by providing new reference frameworks and corrective feedback. It can also increase self-perceived efficacy and effectiveness in meetings (Perkins, 2009).

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  • "I want to develop my team"

  • "I need to change my lifestyle"

  • "I want to increase my profitability by 15% in the next quarter"

  • "I am going to improve my procedures"