What is coaching?

Life Coaching

Transform your life.
In search of authentic self-realisation.


Coaching/personal training to lead your life.

Quite often we find ourselves lost and living a life which we don't quite manage to identify ourselves with. It almost seems that we are looking in from the outside as if it were not our own. Events happen of their own accord and it appears that nothing depends on us. Or simply that we don't know which way to turn, what we want to do or what the next step it that moment.

Through Personal Coaching you can work on any area of your life and redirect it to where you want to go. Work, relationships, family, etc. Discover all the personal resources you have at your disposal to face the different situations you may find yourself in.

  • Is there any part of my life that is not what I want it to be?
  • What would I like to achieve?
  • How do I do it?
  • Am I living the way I want to?

Set targets and re-orientate your life through a Personal Coaching programme.

What is coaching and what it for?

Coaching is a highly effective professional and personal development tool that provides improvements and may produce a profound transformation in the receiving individual.

It enables people to reach their targets: "Coaching places behaviours, attitudes and solutions within the reach of those that receive it who would never have imagined having such, and enables them to achieve their objectives and achieves extraordinary results".

The coachees (customers) may experience a greater sense of self-confidence, job satisfaction and wellbeing, not to mention being better equipped to face the stresses of work (Baumeister, Gailliot, DeWall & Oaten, 2006).

Studies within different organisations have indicated that the behaviour of professionals can be modified through Coaching processes by providing new reference frameworks and corrective feedback. It can also increase self-perceived efficacy and effectiveness in meetings (Perkins, 2009).

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  • "I want to develop my team"

  • "I need to change my lifestyle"

  • "I want to increase my profitability by 15% in the next quarter"

  • "I am going to improve my procedures"